How Many Solar Panels Does It Take To Charge Your Electric Car?

A push for electric vehicles has become more prevalent in the last few years. The need to escape the trap of needing fossil fuels for vehicles has reached a crescendo. Although some countries can produce enough oil for the gasoline needed to operate their vehicles, large countries, such as the United States, purchase a substantial amount of oil to keep things moving. That is why this push for electric vehicles is so strong in America. It is also a movement that can be seen in many other countries. One of the problems associated with using electric cars is the lack of charging stations around the world. If you could charge your own vehicle using solar panels, you might wonder how many you would need to get the job done. This is an overview of how many solar panels you will need to create a solar array that can charge your electric vehicle on a daily basis.

How Many Solar Panels Would You Need?

The number of solar panels that will be necessary depends on three separate factors. First of all, there is the quality of the solar panels that you will be purchasing. The best are those which are made from a mono-crystalline design. These are the most highly efficient solar panels produced today.

Second, you must consider how much electricity is needed to fully charge the vehicle you will be driving. The batteries must be charged on a regular basis, which means you will need solar panels that can easily produce that much electricity just for your car. Finally, the price you will pay for the solar panels and their installation should also be factored in. Eventually, you will find a reliable company that can provide you with enough solar panels to charge your vehicle regularly.

The Average Number Of Solar Panels Needed For Charging An Electric Vehicle

If you use the best solar panels and drive a smaller electric car, no more than five solar panels will be needed. This assumes that you are also not using that electricity to operate your home or office. You may need as many as 12 solar panels for larger vehicles such as an electric SUV. The number may increase if you are paying less for the solar panels, which means they are likely less efficient at producing electricity.

How To Have These Installed Properly

Most people will use a professional business to purchase and install the solar panels or array needed for this purpose. When these panels are installed, they must have a South facing view. These can be positioned on the ground, on the exterior walls of your structure, or on the rooftop if you have an unobstructed southbound. Using a professional company will also ensure that the solar panels are properly installed and that the electric system, connected to the battery and the charger, are put in place without incident. You will want to avoid troubleshooting problems later which can happen if you do this on your own. That’s why contacting a business in your area to do this for you is likely the best decision that you can make.

If you are going to invest in an electric vehicle, you should also consider purchasing and installing solar panels to charge this vehicle. On average, 10 monocrystalline solar panels will be more than enough to produce electricity needed for a daily charge. When working with a professional company, you can feel confident about the quality of the solar panels, the installation, and whether it will work once the project is done. As time progresses, more people will have electric vehicles along with solar panel arrays to charge these vehicles.

Charging your Electric Car with Solar

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